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Breast ProceduresWhy a Breast Lift May Be a Good Option For You

Why a Breast Lift May Be a Good Option For You

Due to hormonal changes we all experience as we age, our skin will progressively lose its collagen and elastin proteins. Elastin proteins and collagen are essential and give your skin its structure, ability to stretch, and overall skin strengthening. Further, Collagen is one of the primary building blocks of bones, skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Hence why the older you get, the more your skin begins to sag and wrinkle. 

As breasts are made of these same essential proteins, we find that many women experience some level of “sagging” and stretching in their breasts as they age. Many other contributing factors include weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. 

Fortunately, we now live in a time where we have the expertise and technology that can improve the appearance of breasts and eliminate any troublesome issues associated with the natural aging process and life experiences. 

Keep reading for a breakdown on everything you need to know about breast lift procedures to help you make an informed decision on whether a breast lift might be a good option for you. 

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Fortunately, we now live in a time where we have the expertise and technology that can improve the appearance of breasts and eliminate any troublesome issues associated with the natural aging process and life experiences.


When it comes to breast lifts, there are three primary options for patients regarding the procedure: Periareolar Breast Lift, Vertical Breast Lift, and the Anchor Breast Lift. Which approach you will need will be dependent on the shape of your breasts and the degree of sagging. 


The Periareolar Breast Lift technique is performed by placing a circular incision around the entire outer edge of your areola, resulting in a minimally visible scar. The periareolar breast lift technique is an excellent option for women with a mild degree of sagging. 


The Vertical Breast Lift involves an incision around the perimeter of the areola and another vertical incision made from the bottom of the areola down to the natural breast crease. The vertical lift is ideal for women with moderate breast sagging and requires more reshaping of the breast. The shape of the incisions resembles a lollipop, hence the nickname “lollipop lift.”

This technique is suitable for women with a moderate degree of sagging who will not be helped sufficiently by more minor invasive procedures and do not wish to have breast implants inserted.


The Anchor Breast Lift requires the placement of incisions shaped like an anchor. This lifting technique is reserved for women who need dramatic reshaping to improve more significant sagging and will not be helped sufficiently by less invasive methods. The anchor incision is the oldest technique used for breast lifts and is the desired technique in large-volume breast reductions. The incision is made around the perimeter of the areola, vertically down from the areola to the breast crease and horizontally along the breast crease.

*Don’t worry about understanding the distinction between the techniques on your own. Your plastic surgeon will assess your case, determine which procedure is necessary, and walk you through the procedure in detail. 


Following a breast lift procedure, most patients can expect to take off work and limit activities for up to seven days. After seven days post-procedure, patients can resume their normal activities, and within three weeks post-procedure, there are no restrictions post-operatively. 

Concerning pain levels, most patients experience mild to moderate pain, with pain levels reaching their peak in the first 2-3 days post-procedure. However, surgeons can prescribe pain medicine to relieve any discomfort. 

During the initial consultation, your surgeon will walk through the procedure and post-procedure in detail and outline precisely what you can expect. 

After 12 weeks post-procedure,  your breasts will assume their final voluminous shape! 


The cost of breast lifts will vary depending on your location, doctor, and individual case. However, you can generally expect to pay between $3,000 and $5,000. Breast lift costs may also include Anesthesia fees, Hospital or surgical facility costs, medical tests, post-surgery garments, prescriptions for medication, and a surgeon’s fee. Again, this will vary on a case-by-case basis. 

You can also choose a breast lift without implants which will cost significantly less. Most plastic surgeons offer some form of financing, which can help alleviate some of the financial burdens associated with the procedure. 

Arguably, the cost of a breast lift is well worth its weight in gold when weighed with the fantastic results that patients see. It is hard to quantify the boost in confidence and self-esteem that patients get after their breast lift procedure! 


If and when performed correctly, a breast lift will restore the breast’s youthful appearance by repositioning the breasts to sit higher on the chest, remove excess skin, and firm the breasts. Results will also depend on the patient’s unique aesthetic and physical health goals. For example, some women experience a breast that is larger or lower than the other. A breast lift can help to reposition and correct this particular issue.  

Regarding overall physical health improvement, in most cases, a breast lift improves the patient’s physical health as it eliminates back pain, poor posture and improves the health of the spine. 

Again, each patient is unique, so during your consultation, make sure you walk through any concerns, questions, or issues that you have. 

Before you leave, review the breast lift “before” and “after” photographs provided by your plastic surgeons to better understand how breast lifts improve the appearance of the breasts.  


As a rule of thumb, make you consult a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon regarding a breast lift procedure and your aesthetic goals. Our trained doctors at Wellspring Plastic Surgery, Dr. Jeffrey Cone and Dr. Claudee-Jean Langevin, holistically review their patient’s goals and consider physical limitations, budget, aesthetic goals, and medical history before making any surgery decision. 

If you have considerable sagging and are insecure about your breasts, a breast lift is an excellent option for you. A breast lift can restore your confidence and make you look and feel more youthful.  

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