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Cosmetic SurgeryWhat is a Non-Surgical Nose Job & Am I a Good Candidate?

What is a Non-Surgical Nose Job & Am I a Good Candidate?

For most individuals, the appearance of their nose is very important as it is at the forefront of the face. When there is an issue or something off aesthetically with a nose, it is visible pretty quickly. Obviously, not everyone feels the need to change their appearance and are comfortable with how they look. However, for those who do want the option to transform their nose or something about their image, it is essential to know and understand all the options available on the current cosmetic market. 

As an example, many people don’t know that there are alternative options to Rhinoplasty, also known more commonly as the nose job. A Rhinoplasty surgery is invasive, but effective and will have a few weeks of recovery time (for more information regarding Rhinoplasty see our blog post here). If you are wanting a cosmetic correction to your nose, know that there are options for you like the Liquid Rhinoplasty. 

If your interest peaked at all, keep reading because today, we will break down all the nitty-gritty details of what a non-surgical nose job is so that you are well equipped and prepared to decide whether you are a good candidate for the procedure. 

Many people don’t know that there are alternative options to Rhinoplasty, also known more commonly as the nose job


The non-surgical nose job came out of the rise of injectable fillers. Similar to using filler in other areas of your face, Liquid Rhinoplasty works by injecting hyaluronic acid gels into the note to correct curves, bumps, and lumps. Although not actually smaller, the injected filler gives your nose the appearance of being smaller.  


Depending on the type of filler that you and your physician chose for your procedure, your non-surgical nose job could last between three months up to two years. After this time period, the cosmetic filler will slowly dissolve, returning your nose to its previous shape and appearance. 

*Make sure you come prepared to discuss your “nose goals” with your practitioner, as this will be one part of determining the type of filler you need/how long your results will last. 


On average, for a nose job in the United States, you can expect to make around 5k. Costs vary depending on the practice, your particular case, and the location. You will likely pay for a non-surgical nose job, on average, just shy of 3k a year. Again, depending on your particular circumstances. 

Although it may seem like a non-surgical nose job is not cost-effect when compared to a surgical nose job, consider the recovery time process post-surgical procedure. 


Not really–Most individuals state that the non-surgical nose job is wholly tolerable and borderline painless. However, only you know your level of pain tolerance! If pain is a top concern for you, discuss with your practitioner options like topical numbing cream or ice to alleviate any potential pain or irritation.  


The true perk to moving forward with a non-surgical nose job is that you get the benefits of a nose job without having to ever go under the knife or deal with any of the healing/recovery processes. 

Almost all people can return to work or their day-to-day activities right after receiving their injections. Further, most patients can expect very light bruising or redness that will go away within the week! 


Generally, a good candidate for a non-surgical nose job is an individual who has a pronounced “bump” on their nose bridge, an individual who has a droopy nose tip, or a mildly crooked nose. The injectable filler works great in other situations because the filler creates the illusion that there is no bump, will correct any sharp angles, or “lift” the tip of the nose depending on the particular issue. 

Anyone with a more dramatic case (i.e., nose bump is too big or if the nose has been broken previously) is usually not considered a good candidate for this particular procedure. 


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During the consultation, we will answer any questions that you have, confirm whether you are a good candidate, discuss your aesthetic goals in detail, and discuss the next steps! 

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