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What is a BBL and How To Maximize Your Results

Unless you live under a rock, you have undoubtedly already heard of the trending #BBL or the coveted Brazilian Butt Lift also known as Gluteal Enhancement

Unlike plastic surgeries like Rhinoplasty (nose job) or breast augmentation, the BBL is relatively new in terms of popularity but is growing quickly thanks to platforms like TikTok where users document their BBL experiences and results. 

Our goal at Wellspring Plastic Surgery is not only to transform our clients lives through plastic surgeries, but also to inform our client’s so they are educated and equipped with the knowledge to make informed decisions in regard to their procedure options. We have found that the more knowledgeable a client is about their plastic surgeries, the more seamless their pre and post procedure experience is. 

So whether you are curious  and considering the BBL procedure or have your BBL surgery on the books, keep scrolling for a comprehensive breakdown of what to expect and how to maximize your BBL results for years to come. 

From your favorite actress or actor to your neighbor, and maybe even your high school English teacher, plastic surgery is booming, and experts anticipate that it will only continue to grow in popularity.


Although the BBL goes by many names, the procedure for the surgery remains the same! A BBL involves removing and relocating fat cells via liposuction from one part of the body to the buttocks.  The transferred fat cells are strategically placed to accentuate a round, firm buttocks shape. Tiny incisions are used to perform liposuction, and similarly, small incisions are used to relocate the fat cells. The BBL is great because it not only creates a round buttock but it also contours the abdomen and flanks. 

For most patients, the procedure takes between two to four hours, give or take. However, each person is unique so the length of time the procedure takes will vary from person to person. 


When it comes to recovery for a BBL procedure, there are a few important factors to keep in mind in order to properly prepare. After undergoing a BBL procedure, you will most likely need to take at least one to two weeks off of work. Right after the procedure you will need to enlist a caretaker to take you home from the surgery and to help assist with activities  around the house (i.e., cooking/prepping meals, administering medications when necessary, cleaning your surgical site, etc).  

During this time, you are advised to rest and sleep on your side or stomach, avoiding putting any pressure on your buttocks.

After 3-4 weeks, most patients fully recover and can expect to return to exercising around eight weeks post-surgery. Again, recovery varies from patient to patient. Always consult your surgeon before returning to normal activities or if you have increased levels of pain. 


The care and attention that you give yourself post procedure will directly impact your recovery time as well as your results so it’s important to not resush the recovery process and take good care of yourself during this sensitive time. As previously mentioned, plan ahead! 

Make sure you take an adequate amount of time off work and ensure that you have the proper equipment you need (i.e., medicines, healthy meals, buttock pillows, etc.). We also recommend that patients invest in Specialized Compression Garments to help heal swollen or bruised areas. Avoid wearing restrictive or tight clothes, instead opt for loose fitting clothes. 

Aside from planning ahead, make sure you keep your diet healthy. Stay hydrated by drinking tons of water and Avoid alcohol or smoking. Eat a well rounded diet with a lot of fresh vegetables, healthy meats, and fruit. Feeling your body healthy nutrients is ideal all of the time but particularly after surgery to alleviate or avoid inflammation or digestion issues that could affect your recovery. 

Our top tip for maximizing your BBL results is to avoid sitting directly on your buttock for at least eight weeks. 


Like with most surgeries, it is important that the patient is in good health which means prior to surgery, you are pursuing a balanced lifestyle of diet and exercise. 

Additionally, ideal candidates have a healthy BMI, but also have enough fat in surrounding areas to inject into the buttocks. Before undergoing a BBL, your doctor will discuss with you whether you are an ideal candidate for the procedure. 

If you are interested in the BBL procedure, please reach out to us! We are happy to answer any specific questions you may have and would love to walk you through the entire process. 

Relax, indulge, enjoy
Make a self-care plan

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