Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Cone and his staff, Lindsay, Brandy, and Rachel are all amazing! They worked with me and my crazy schedule and made my breast augmentation possible! Dr. Cone is a perfectionist and an artist professionally and privately (he does work-working, huge plus for me). It is very important to me that a surgeon is meticulous, with a high attention to detail and possesses great bedside manners. They also have a great sense of humor. I can’t be anymore ecstatic with the results! His entire team is phenomenal, a total package! Thank you Dr. Cone and team!”
“Dr. Cone and his staff are incredibly caring individuals. From the very first moment I walked into the office, I felt welcomed and genuinely cared for. After hearing many “Sorry or No we can’t help you”, Dr.Cone said “Of course, we can help”. I am very grateful to have been under the care of Dr.Cone and his staff throughout my two surgical procedures. I would highly recommend. Thank you Dr. Cone and team!”
“My partner and I flew down from Canada for their stem cell extraction service. The staff was amazingly friendly, and made us feel at ease the whole time. They made sure any concerns we had were addressed before starting. The procedure itself was pretty much painless, and they walked me though the whole thing. Before I knew it it was done. Was really impressed with the experience.”
“Due to a recent emergency, Dr. Cone was on call and performed my surgery. I have been extremely impressed. You can tell upon meeting him that he has a true passion for his patients and what he does. The office staff are very kind and courteous. Office runs on schedule. Highly recommend!”
“Dr. Cone recently performed plastic surgery to close the wound on my face following a Mohs surgery. I was very concerned about having a large scar on my face. Dr. Cone did an excellent job and I’m very pleased with the results. His office is always on time, respectful and friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Cone.”
“I absolutely love each and everyone in the office!  Dr.Langevin is amazing. He is so caring and thoughtful, and very patient me. I was very frightened & apprehensive, because of very bad experiences with a couple of other providers.
The staff is very friendly & helpful. They are quick to answer questions, and wonderful problem solvers. I can’t say enough positive things about Wellspring Plastic Surgery.”
“I was very pleasantly surprised to see the care, expertise, and patience I received from Dr. Cone, and his assistant, Lindsay. Every question I had was calmly and professionally addressed. I was very impressed, and I recommend them to anyone needing this kind of surgery.”
“After a traumatic facial injury, Dr Langevin did his magic restoring my face. I was very afraid, but he patiently answered all of my questions & concerns. I felt safe and well looked after by Dr L & his amazing staff. I am forever grateful and would highly recommend him!”
“Great staff! We really enjoyed our visits and appreciated the attentiveness and courtesy from everyone here. Highly recommend!”
“From the minute I walked in the door to the surgeries and follow-ups, Dr. Cone and ALL of the staff were amazing. You can tell each is passionate about helping others.”
“Very professional, kind, and honest. I truly appreciate you and your staff for everything during my healing process. Thank you Dr. Langevin!”
“Dr. Cone & his staff are kind, knowledgeable, attentive to detail and did a great job repairing my daughter’s burn.”
“I was very pleased with my results post surgery and will always recommend Dr. Cone’s services. His professional level of care and detail from him and his office crew makes the entire experience comfortable and easy. Thank you!”
“Had lesion on tip of my nose, which Amarillo dr said it could be removed, analyzed, but would always look bad. That was not acceptable to me. Dear friend arranged an appointment with dear Jeffrey Cone and Mohs dermatologists in Austin. Results were fabulous!!! No one can tell. He is very knowledgeable and has very accommodating staff. Everyone in Amarillo should examine their options. Very giving and kind man!!!”
“As a plastic surgeon myself it is not everyday that I find myself posting a review for a fellow surgeon but I am so impressed with Dr. Jeffrey Cone that I just must. I have known of Dr. Cone as a colleague and fellow face trauma consultant for some time now and have always had great experience communicating with him about challenging patients. By reputation and also by direct experience I know him to be kind, gracious, intelligent, patient, and simply fun to talk to. Recently I had the pleasure of sharing a very complex surgery with him and I can now attest to his excellent technical skills and professionalism in the operating room. Dr. Cone also volunteered his time and expertise in this whole day experience as purely charitable without the possibility of reimbursement for his time. In a time of sometimes dense workplace complacency in the field of medicine, there are true shining lights of dedication and character such as Dr. Cone. He is the epitome of the consummate professional- excellent in every detail- but clearly a great human being. I cannot recommend him more highly.
“Most importantly, Dr. Cone is a highly skilled surgeon who provides excellent medical care. Even an untrained eye (mine!) could see that my incision placement and my suturing were done with precision and care. I also appreciate that Dr. Cone is a respectful, attentive listener. He welcomes all and any questions, he values your input, and he will do his best to accommodate any reasonable surgical requests. The whole experience was made even better because he is supported by a kind, responsive team.”
“Dr Cone and his staff are the best! They helped me through several reconstructions of my nose after Mohs surgery for skin cancer. My poor little nose has never had so much tender loving care and they wanted to make sure I was more than happy with the outcome. I can’t say enough about these guys-they are the best. Many thanks for my beautiful nose.”
“Dr. Cone and his staff are very professional, compassionate, and personal. Dr. Cone made me feel like I was his only patient. He was never in a hurry. They made the entire process easy and stress free. I would recommend Dr. Cone & Dr Hobar to anyone considering facial surgery.”
“When I arrived at Wellspring Plastic Surgery, I was immediately impressed by the beautiful office, as well as the staff. They were friendly and eager to help me. My opinion of the clinic got even better when I met Dr. Cone. He was friendly, patient, and seemed like he really wanted to do what was in my best interest and would give me the best result. He took his time, answering all of my questions and providing very useful information. His manner stayed this way through all of the rest of my doctor’s visits, and at the procedure itself. Not only is Dr. Cone an excellent surgeon, but he is a caring and friendly surgeon as well.”