Jeffrey Cone, MD – Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jeffrey Cone

Dr. Cone is blessed to do the work he loves. In private practice in Austin, Texas, he provides his patients with beautiful and natural results that enhance their lives and outlooks. An artist with an intense attention to detail and a passion for innovation, Dr. Cone performs a wide variety of rejuvenating treatments, both surgical and non-invasive, including laser therapies. He is committed to understanding and achieving every patient’s unique aesthetic goals.

Dr. Cone has received comprehensive training in plastic surgery in two of the nation’s epicenters of cosmetic surgery—South Florida, at the University of South Florida, and Dallas, at the premiere Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. A graduate of the University of Texas Medical Branch, Dr. Cone was awarded honors in research, named an Osler scholar for his compassionate, patient-centered care, and was inducted into both the Alpha Omega Alpha Honors Society and the Gold Humanism Honor Society.

Dr. Cone has published and lectured on facial aesthetics, rhinoplasty, and breast aesthetics. In addition to cosmetic surgery, he is among a select group of plastic surgeons that have fellowship training in craniofacial and pediatric surgery, allowing him to perform complex pediatric reconstructions. He participates in medical missions for children with LEAP Global Missions and has traveled to India, Haiti, and Guatemala.

Dr. Cone - Top Plastic Surgeon“Delicate and challenging tasks have always drawn my attention. The “ah-ha moment” of how to apply that love to a profession came under the mentorship of an eminent plastic surgeon who performed both cosmetic surgery and pediatric reconstruction. Because of his eye for aesthetics and beauty, he was able to achieve exceptional results for his pediatric patients, and because of the confidence that came from tackling the challenges of pediatric reconstruction, he was able to achieve exceptional results in his cosmetic patients. The two were wonderfully synergistic, and I thought ‘that’s what I want to do; that’s who I want to be.”

Dr. Cone is married to his college sweetheart, Mary Kat, and they have four children. An outdoor enthusiast, he enjoys skiing, surfing, and cycling.


  • Livesaver Award
  • John D. and Mary Ann Stobo Award in Oslerian Medicine
  • John P. McGovern Academy of Oslerian Medicine Award
  • Member of Alpha Omega Alpha Society
  • Member of Gold Humanism Honor Society