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Neck Lift

The neck is often one of the first areas of the body to show visible signs of aging. Gravity, genetics, weight loss, environmental factors, and lifestyle habits can all contribute to aging of the neck – which usually appears as loose or sagging skin and sometimes excess fat. Neck lifts are cosmetic procedures used to improve the appearance of the neck, eliminating sagging jowls, excess skin and fat. The results are usually long-lasting and can take several years off a patient’s appearance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A neck lift is an effective and increasingly common method of refreshing and rejuvenating the neck area. The procedure, also known as “platysmaplasty,” tightens and smooths the skin in the neck, which tends to loosen and sag with age.

The goal of a neck lift is to tighten the muscles in the neck and smooth the skin. The neck lift involves two parts: one to remove excess skin and the other to remove or augment neck muscles. If necessary, liposuction will be used to remove excess fat from the area. 

Some patients choose to undergo a face lift at the same time as a neck lift in order to optimize results and eliminate the need for an additional surgery. Your surgeon will help you determine which choice is right for you during your consultation.

Following a neck lift, patients are advised to keep their head still and avoid turning or twisting for the first few days. Applying cold compresses and keeping the head elevated for the first 48 hours can help minimize swelling, though swelling and bruising may last up to ten days. The sutures are usually removed in one week, and most people can return to work and resume normal daily activities within two weeks. Strenuous activities such as exercise should be avoided for four to six weeks.

Following a neck lift, patients may experience dry skin, tightness, and a burning or tingling sensation. There is also a risk of facial nerve damage.

Dr. Cone and his staff were amazing. They took such good care of me and my daughter like family. Highly recommend for adult and kids! Esther Cheung-Phillips
These guys are awesome! The personal care given by Dr. Langevin is absolutely second to none. You will feel like the only patient there Skeeter Ham
From beginning to end Dr. Langevin and his staff took care of me in the most excellent way. From scheduling all the way to post op, they never made me feel like a number but a human that was in good hands. I really appreciated the personal call from Dr. Langevin- not from his staff but from him. That is rare these days to have doctors call you themselves to check on you after surgery. I couldn't be more happy with my results. Aguerra Love
I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Cone at Wellspring. Their entire staff is incredibly kind and obviously care about their patients. Crystal was so sweet and such a pleasure to work with. They did a removal of a large facial nevus for me and I am so happy with the results! The entire thing has been truly lifechanging for me. I am very grateful for Dr. Cone & his team and look forward to seeing them when I go for my follow-up visit. Kaylie Peterman
My experience so far has been amazing, even though my anxiety is over the roof when it comes to Dr's. Dr.Cone and his staff have been awesome and make me feel as comfortable as they can. I got otoplasty done and I can't wait for the final results, I do definitely recommend this place for anything else you'd like to get done. I do plan on getting other things done in the Future and without a doubt this is the place! Thank you Dr.Cone, Crystal, Brandi, & Cici you all are the best! Dori Dori

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