Hair Restoration

Hair loss is relatively common for both men and women. These changes can be due to stress, hormonal changes, and aging.   

Hair restoration, or PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatment, is a procedure that is used to stimulate hair growth and overall evenness around the scalp. 

PRP can restore a significant amount of hair growth and is a popular treatment. Talk to Dr. Cone and Dr. Langevin about how PRP can help you.


PRP requires the use of healthy cells from your body to be transmitted to the areas where you are lacking growth. In order to do so, our surgeons will draw blood from your arm, no more than a typical blood draw, and will centrifuge to separate the blood from the PRP. The plasma is then reintroduced to the scalp in the areas of little to no growth. 


The entire process is simple and requires only a topical anesthetic on the scalp to ensure comfort. 


Most sessions take one hour to complete. Some require more sessions than others however, this will be discussed during your consultation.