Gluteal Enhancement

More and more patients are seeking enhancement in the contour of their backside.   A shapely buttocks is the result of several factors, and most of these factors are genetic and beyond an individual’s control.  Even exercising the gluteal muscles can only do so much to increase volume.

Ideal candidates pursue a balanced lifestyle of diet and exercise, but want enhancement in the contour of their backside.  For fuller-figured patients, the transferred fat cells are taken via extensive liposcution from the abdomen and flanks.  For thinner patients, additional transfer sites may be necessary, such as the thighs.  The Butt Lift is such a powerful contouring procedure because of its dual benefits: the buttocks becomes round and shapely, and the abdomen and flanks become flattened and contoured.



The Brazilian Lift goes by many names—autologous fat grafting, Brazilian Butt Lift, or micro-fat grafting—but the procedure is the same.  It involves the removal and relocation of fat cells via liposuction from one part of the body to the buttocks.   The transferred fat cells are strategically placed to accentuate a round, firm shape. 

The procedure takes between three to four hours.  Very small incisions are used to perform liposuction and similarly, small incisions are used to relocate the fat cells.

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