Skin Resurfacing

A youthful face is characterized by good skin quality and proportional facial volume.  Skin resurfacing procedures are directed at optimizing skin quality.  Over time, the sun’s UV rays generate visible signs of aging in the face and lead to brown spots, skin laxity and blunted skin tone.   Resurfacing procedures—such as peels, dermabrasion, and laser resurfacing—allow people to reduce visible signs of aging.

How does Resurfacing Work?

While the mechanisms vary, the goals of skin resurfacing are the same: to remove older layers of skin, including fine lines and wrinkles, in order to reveal rejuvenated skin.  The aggressiveness of the treatment determines the downtime.  For instance, recovery is virtually zero for most patients undergoing a topical skin care regiment.  For dermabrasion and laser resurfacing performed in the operating suite, procedure site care and direct sunlight avoidance is required for _ weeks.  When combined with a full facelift, the downtime follows the recovery for the facelift.

What is Micro-Needling?

Micro-needling is one of the latest devices used to enhance skin tone and treat wrinkles and fine lines.  It is a non-surgical and office-based therapy.  Patients apply a topical numbing medicine for approximately 30 minutes and, once this is wiped clean, a practitioner uses a hand-held device with small needles to create micro-injuries to the skin.  The procedure itself takes 20-30 minutes.  This causes the skin to lay down collagen and to remodel, which improves fine lines, wrinkles, photo aging, and even scars.  Patients describe little or no discomfort during the procedure.

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