Case 4

breast augmentation | case 4

Case Details & Description

Patient Age: 43
Gender: Female
Type of Surgery: Breast Augmentation

This 43-year-old mother of two came to Wellspring Plastic Surgery to discuss a breast augmentation procedure. She scheduled a consultation at our Austin, TX practice to learn about breast implants and how the procedure was performed. Like many women, she felt her breasts changed after having her children. She enjoyed how full her breasts were during pregnancy and wanted to achieve a similar breast volume with augmentation.

During her consultation with our surgeons, they were able to discuss the procedure more in depth and select implants that would deliver the results she desired. Our surgeons explained the differences in all the implant and incision options. Together, they decided a smooth, round saline implant with a transaxillary incision would be best to deliver the results she was looking for.