Brow Lift

A forehead lift is an increasingly popular cosmetic surgery, generally done when a patient wants to remove signs of aging. A small incision is made at the forehead to remove excess fat and tissue, smoothing out unwanted furrows and deep forehead lines. A forehead lift is often done in conjunction with other surgeries such as hair transplants, fat transfers, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), and a facelift. 

Done as outpatient surgery, a patient will come and go in the same day. The surgery is usually completed in 1-2 hours, using only local anesthesia.


There are two types of forehead lifts: the conventional method ad the endoscopic. A conventional method calls for one long incision to be made from ear to ear, crossing over the forehead. This forehead skin is lifted, and the excess skin, tissue, and fat are trimmed. Any muscular repositioning will be done as well. After the removal, the incision is closed with stitches or clips and bandaged. The bandages can be removed in 2 days, and the stitches will remain for approximately 2 weeks.

In an endoscopic forehead lift, the surgeon will create several small incisions within the scalp. An endoscopic tool is inserted and creates a visual map of the forehead, while another instrument is inserted into the same incisions to lift and remove the fat, muscle and skin. These incisions are closed with either screws or sutures that are removed within 1 week.