Breast Implant Exchange Case 3

breast implant exchange | case 3

Case Details & Description

Patient Age: 50
Gender: Female
Type of Surgery: Breast Augmentation

This 50-year-old mother of three came to our Austin, TX practice to discuss her options for a breast revision procedure. She had undergone a saline breast augmentation with subglandular placement (above the muscle) about 20 years ago. Since her original procedure, she felt her implants weren’t as “perky” as they once were and desired a slightly larger volume. She was also interested to know the differences between saline and silicone implants and which would be best to achieve her cosmetic goals. 

All of the different types of breast implants and different implant placement options were explained. After much discussion, decided replacing her saline breast implants with silicone with a slightly higher volume and submuscular placement (under the muscle) would give her the outcome she was looking for. 

This was an outpatient procedure performed here in Austin, Texas