Breast implant exchange- case 2

breast implant exchange | case 2

Case Details & Description

Patient Age: 49
Gender: Female
Type of Surgery: Breast Revision with Strattice

Often, patients come to Wellspring Plastic Surgery to consult about their options for breast revision procedures. This 49-year-old active female came to our Austin, Texas practice with concerns about the appearance of her breasts. She had a previous augmentation procedure with saline implants about 15 years ago. She was unhappy with the asymmetry and felt her left breast was higher and firmer as compared to her right breast, which was lower and more lateral on her chest wall. She desired better symmetry and wanted to revise her previous breast scars. 

After about an hour in consultation, all options associated with breast revision surgery were discussed. She decided to remove her current saline breast implants and replace them with silicone gel implants. A product called Strattice was also used, internal support to help correct the current displacement of her breasts and provide her with better symmetry. 

This was an outpatient procedure performed here in Austin, Texas.