Breast Implant Exchange Case 5

breast implant exchange | case 5

Case Details & Description

Patient Age: 30
Gender: Female
Type of Surgery: Bilateral Breast Augmentation Revision

This 30-year-old woman came to our Austin, TX practice to discuss options for bilateral breast revision. She had undergone a saline breast augmentation about 10 years ago. Since her original procedure, she felt her saline implants were too large in appearance and was interested to know about the latest implant options on the market now. 

The different types of breast implants that are available at Wellspring Plastic Surgery were explained as well as her options to remove and replace her current implants. After thorough discussed, decided to deflate her saline implants in the office, a common procedure to do prior to replacing them with new implants. After about a month following the deflation, patient underwent a revision breast procedure replacing her then deflated saline breast implants with new silicone implants. 

This was an outpatient procedure performed here in Austin, Texas