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All You Need to Know: Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian butt lift, despite its name, does not lift or touch the loose skin on the butt. Even though a healthy diet and frequent exercise can tone the muscles of your butts, many people still require a larger volume for the lower part of the back.

Your buttocks’ size and shape depend mainly on your skeletal structure, genetics, and how your body stores fat. If you are conscious of loose skin around your butt area, an actual buttock lift surgery is your best option.

Brazilian butt lift surgery helps conquer genetics’ problems by reshaping your butt and areas surrounding it, such as the hips, thighs and lower back.

Brazilian butt lifts are very popular. It involves transferring fat in a way that improves the shape and size of the buttocks without implants. A surgeon will remove a sizable fat volume from specific parts of the body like the lower back, hips, thighs, and abdomen during this procedure. This is then put strategically into the buttocks.

 The Brazilian butt lift, done by a professional surgeon, helps to lose fat in some parts of the body while adding it to the lower body to improve the well-proportioned body’s factors, giving it a rounder, fuller buttock contour.  Brazilian butt lifts often give results last for many years.

Getting a BBL might improve the structure and size of your butt, not everyone is suitable for it, and it is essential to know what to expect before, during and after the surgery. However, if you:

  • Have a good skin tone on your butt and hips
  • Want a butt enhancement without implants
  • Can avoid sitting on your butt for several days
  • Have a large volume of fat in other parts of your body to use; you can consider having one.

The Brazilian butt lift, done by a professional surgeon, helps to lose fat in some parts of the body while adding it to the lower body to improve the well-proportioned body’s factors, giving it a rounder, fuller buttock contour

  • Reduce the fat surrounding your hips or belly while adding extra volume to the buttocks
  • Help you look more attractive in your clothes
  • Augment an overall body proportion that boosts the balance between your upper and lower body.
  • Give you an aesthetic looking shape
  • Improve your confidence

A considerable benefit of undertaking the Brazilian butt lift procedure is how it increases your bum size without needing implants. Suppose the process is by a highly-trained cosmetic surgeon in a qualified facility. In that case, it usually has a low probability of getting complicated. And it can give remarkable results that look and feel natural. 

Although highly lean people are likely not to have enough fat to use for bum implants. If this is the case, bum implants might be the only way to get the size increase you desire.

 For some patients, it might be best to go for bum implants. However, they need to know the likely issues that may arise with implants. These risks include high infection risk and capsular contracture. Bum implants have the chance of looking and feeling less natural, unlike a well-performed Brazilian butt lift.


The doctors remove fat from the thighs, hips, lower back, and abdomen. In some cases, other parts of the body with liposuction.

The surgeon extracts fats from these parts and has them go through a purification process before preparing them for transfer.

The surgeon inoculates fat into precise points on the bums to upsurge volume and develops shape.

In most cases, surgery is performed using the outpatient procedure, with local anesthesia and intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. It is common for a part of the fat injected in the bum not to settle in its newfangled location. However, a vast surgeon will prepare for this by initially injecting a little more fat into the bum than what is required. It will make sure that you get a final result that is closer to your goals.


After an operation on the bum, you typically need special modifications for recovery. The pain is usually minimal and controlled quickly with pain medication. It is advisable against sitting or lying directly on your bum for close to two weeks after going through a Brazilian butt lift.

While healing, you will have to sleep on your side or stomach. It is either you lay using this style or stand for stand erect for every activity except when you use the toilet. When it is time, your beauty surgeon will permit you to sit in an adapted position. You will use a doughnut seat or place a pillow below your thighs to avoid putting pressure on the bum. After about eight weeks, you will be allowed to sit in a normal position.

Suppose you adhere strictly to your surgeon’s instructions. In that case, you should get back to doing light activities a week after your surgery. It should take between 10 to 14 days to start working again.

The result of a Brazilian butt lift procedure should last a lot of years. The fat cells eradicated during liposuction will not go back to the bum area. Fat the fat cells that successfully transfer to the bum will remain there for many years later.

Results are usually conclusive after six months of performing the surgery when residual swelling is no more present. There is complete healing. At this period, your enhanced lower body and curvier bum will be visible through your look and how your clothes fit.

Suppose a highly-experienced cosmetic surgeon does a Brazilian butt lift procedure. In that case, it produces long-lasting results and is immensely rewarding. The most effective way to know more about this procedure is to visit a board-certified beauty surgeon for consultation.

The process of performing a Brazilian butt surgery is complex. It would be best to have a well-developed eye to spot aesthetic detail, experience in fat transfer techniques, and adequate training. Some doctors perform cosmetic surgery without receiving special training for it during residency training. Therefore, you have to research properly before settling for a surgeon to perform the procedure.

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