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Skincare7 Tips to Give Your Teen Healthy and Happy Skin

7 Tips to Give Your Teen Healthy and Happy Skin

No one likes skin issues. Adolescents and teenagers are often those hardest hit by these issues as puberty takes hold and causes hormones to make some radical changes to the body. These internal changes, in addition to external factors, can seriously affect the skin. And having acne, hyperpigmentation, or sensitive skin and cause discomfort, pain and even embarrassment to teens.

Wash your face, watch what you eat and drink, sleep in, de-stress, and use sunscreen.

Here are some tips about how your teen can keep their skin healthy and clear:


This one may seem obvious, but the the habit of washing your face every morning and evening has to be taught to children.  They need to be reminded until it is a life-long habit that they no longer even think about- like brushing your teeth.  It is recommended that they should wash their faces with warm water and a mild, non-soap cleanser.  As a parent, it is important to provide a face wash that will be right for your child’s specific skin type.  Are they oily? Dry? Sensitive? Do they have acne? The best way to answer these questions is to take them to a skin care professional.  Wellspring Plastic Surgery provides a complimentary skin analysis in order for you to determine the most appropriate product your child should be using on their face.


Hydration is key to flushing out the toxins that can cause skin issues, as well as keeping the skin healthy and moist.  Be sure your teen is drinking plenty of water.

Eating healthy will help to avoid or aggravate breakouts.  Our bodies react negatively to processed and sugary foods.  Teens who are looking to avoid acne and other skin issues should eat plenty of fruits and veggies and should not make eating fast food or drinking soda a habit.


Does your teen sometimes seem to sleep the day away?  Try not to be too upset at them.  Your teen actually needs a lot of sleep- about 9 1/4 hours a night, although most teens only get around 7 hours.  They are growing and that takes more energy than they used to need.  Getting extra sleep will not only allow your teen to function properly, but they will also probably be happier for it.  The proper amount of sleep can positively affect your teen’s mood, behavior, and cognitive ability. It will also help to maintain your childs’ healthy skin.  Poor or not enough sleep can lead to an increase in inflammatory skin conditions like acne or increased skin sensitivity.  So make sure your teenager gets the extra rest they need.


Adolescence is a stressful time.  School, activities, sports, social standing, self-identity can all create stress as kids get older.  Stress can be a major contributor to poor skin as it can lead to an inflammatory reaction which in turn leads to break outs.  And having skin issues can lead to more stress, causing the cycle to begin again.  Stress relief can be an important factor in controlling break outs and flare-ups.


Although they may be very tempted, make sure your teen does not pop or pick at blemishes! Picking at zits can lead to infections or even possible scarring.  To avoid compounding the problem of acne, look for spot treatments that can kill acne-causing bacteria and remove the pore-clogging excess oil and dead skin.


Every day, multiple times a day, everyone should apply sunscreen. Studies suggest that kids are exposed to an increasing amount of sun damage by the time they are 18.  This sun damage can cause moles, wrinkles, discoloration, and even skin cancers.  Your teen should get in the habit of wearing sunscreen in order to prevent damage and early signs of aging.  What most people don’t realize is that they also need to re-apply every 2-3 hours when they are exposed to the UV-rays.


With all of the potentially damaging influences on the skin, how is a teen supposed to manage?  The answer is simple: a healthy skincare routine that includes cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, and sunscreening the skin.  Every day, your teenager should get used to performing these steps.  It will set a healthy routine for beautiful, vibrant skin that will follow them for a lifetime.  In addition to a daily routine, teens can also benefit from specialized facials, peels, and HydraFacials that are designed to combat specific skin issues.  Where skin issues do not respond to standard treatments, dermatological assessment and treatment may be required.

Relax, indulge, enjoy
Make a self-care plan

Hopefully these simple tips can help you start your teen on the right track to have a lifetime of healthy, happy skin.

Overall, the best advise we can give you is to consult with a trusted professional who can tailor treatment to you specific anatomy and desires.

At Wellspring Plastic Surgery we offer complementary consultations to ensure our patients are completely informed, comfortable and receive the best results.

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