Plastic Surgery for men

When you see most body confidence campaigns, most often you find women are the subject to a lot of the stigma. However, men are just as susceptible to feeling out of the norm when there is something about their body that doesn’t make them feel completely confident.

According to a survey by, in 2017 – over a 1.3million cosmetic procedures were done on men alone. From 2012 to 2017, tummy tucks rose to 12 percent, liposuction rose to 23 percent, and male breast reductions increased to 30 percent.

Older men generally focus on neck lifts, facelifts, Blepharoplasty to energize and revive the eyes and tummy tuck to tighten any loose skin. While under 40, men find that rhinoplasty procedures boost their facial contour and even get Botox injections to prevent wrinkles, frown lines, and crow’s feet. Liposuction and breast reductions are also popular procedures in men, giving them a chiseled physique.

Social media plays a massive role in plastic Surgery awareness because plastic surgeons use social media platforms to display male patients’ before and after photos and videos. It helps to educate everybody on the natural outcome look.

Cosmetic procedures involve risks, no matter how big or small. Therefore, before you undergo one, you must have in a sound mind to:

  • Consult your surgeon based on recommendation
  • Ask for revision rates
  • Do lots of research on the clinic and the surgeon.

Plastic surgery goes beyond just physical changes, and different mental benefits include:

Positive changes in relationships

Cornell University conducted a study with more than 100 patients who underwent plastic surgery, including breast lifts and other beauty procedures. Most of these patients reported positive changes in their overall existence within six months. These changes had positive turnarounds with their partners, their sex lives, and their social lives.

Extra confidence in a social setting

Another study by the University Of Pennsylvania, School Of Medicine suggested that patients that went through plastic surgery appeared less harmful with their self-image in every environment they found themselves, either social, personal, or work surroundings. The majority of patients who experience these positive effects went into their procedures with realistic expectations. Higher life quality, improved self-confidence and self-esteem, and better relationships with others are all some of the many benefits of this procedure. However, essentially noted that they all share a common factor: most of these patients with positive experience all went through with the procedure having realistic expectations.

A boost in individual happiness

According to, research has revealed that individuals that undergo plastic Surgery tend to be happier overall. This research compared several individuals that had gone through with a plastic surgery procedure against participants that were interested in the procedure but failed to go through with it. According to the result, the patients who underwent the procedure possess higher self-esteem, better overall health, and less anxiety. Lastly, all the participants had a pitch against participants who had no interest in plastic surgery.

Healthier mind and body

In the same research, the plastic surgery patients reported more happiness with their entire body and total self-image than just happy with the area worked upon.

There is no plastic surgery process that will serve as a cure-all, mainly due to the fact that the definition of a perfect body changes from person to person and relies heavily on one’s own self-esteem and confidence. However, with realistic expectations and specific goals, plastic surgery can improve life quality and self-esteem as it improves physical appearance. Low self-esteem influences a person’s life; it is usually hard for people with low self-esteem to have a healthy social life and make personal connections. How a person feels about their overall self is very important, so choosing to have surgery to improve your appearance as a man is worth the effort.