Meet Mirabelle, Our Medical Spa

Medical spas are becoming increasingly popular for both men and women, thanks to the hospitable environment and passionate treatments it provides.

Among the increasingly popular ones is our Mirabelle medical spa. Owned by yours genuinely, Wellspring plastic surgery, our medical spa is a world-class spa located in Lakeway, Texas, United States. With experienced and dedicated practitioners, we provide a wide range of minimally invasive non-surgical procedures that aim at helping you achieve exceptional results.

What’s unique about Mirabelle Medical Spa?

Unlike traditional day spas, Mirabelle med spa offers procedures to help reduce scarring, lighten post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, treat breakouts, and improve the skin’s overall appearance.

We’ve devoted our careers to the science of aesthetics, from the face, body and skin down to the profound skeletal arrangements and then transfer this knowledge to restoring confidence and natural beauty in a relaxing spa environment.

Another reason Mirabelle medspa is so special is that it has travelled the world to donate 10% of our profits to pediatric reconstruction organizations in the city and around the globe.

What more can you expect from a spa that is so passionate about pediatric reconstruction?

Why should you rejuvenate your skin with Mirabelle med spa?

Owing to our combined passion for medicine and their impeccable knowledge of skincare, we offer minimally invasive skin rejuvenation treatments to make you look at your very best.

Here are a few reasons why you should rejuvenate your skin with Mirabelle:

It will improve the appearance of your skin

Your skin goes through a lot every day. Your skin complexion may finally become rough and dry after continuous exposure to the sun’s UV rays and other harsh weather conditions. At Mirabelle spa, we provide effective skin rejuvenation treatments that will clear your skin of dirt and improve your skin’s appearance once the procedure is complete.

It will get rid of acne scars

One of the most significant benefits of having your skin rejuvenation at Mirabelle medspa is eliminating scars that might have appeared on your skin due to acne.  The procedure strips away the top layers of the skin, meaning they will be able to get rid of any acne-related scar tissues on the surface of your skin. After the procedure, you’ll definitely notice a dramatic change in your appearance.

Collagen production is increased

Another big reason you should have your skin rejuvenation with Mirabelle spa is that our skin rejuvenation treatment helps boost collagen production and stimulation, an important factor in skin tightening.

Frequently asked questions about Mirabelle medspa

Wondering if Mirabelle medical spa is the right place for you to get your treatments done?

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Mirabelle spa.

How is Mirabelle medical spa different from traditional day spas?

The vast difference between traditional day spas and Mirabelle medical spa is the type of procedures being offered. Medical procedures that cannot be done at a conventional day spa can be performed at Mirabelle medspa.

What are the exact treatments Mirabelle spa offers?

Like at a traditional spa, luxurious treatments like salt glows, massage, facials and seaweed wraps can be had at Mirabelle. But unlike traditional spas, Mirabelle offers acne treatments, ageing skin, hair removal, peels, micro-needling and lots more.

Who performs treatments at Mirabelle spa?

Our treatment protocols are overseen by a board of certified plastic surgeons based on their passion for restoring confidence and natural beauty.

Can I visit the Mirabelle medical spa for acne treatment?

At Mirabelle medical spa, we offer treatments for acne and all other skin conditions. It all just depends on your treatment goals.

Can I visit Mirabelle medical spa for anti-ageing treatment?

With their vast experience and passion for restoring natural beauty, you can definitely find the best anti-ageing treatments at our Mirabelle medspa.

Can I visit the Mirabelle medical spa to treat long term health issues?

Yes, Mirabelle med spa can help you address symptoms of previous injuries or long term health issues such as heart problems, insomnia and so on.


“High-class office and service. The team is so sweet, and Courtney takes excellent care of me! Whatever your needs, I suggest starting here.” – Setareh G.

“I got Dermaplanning done the day before my graduation. My makeup looked even better for my graduation pictures” – Hannah B.

“To me, it’s magic because I finally can see results. I feel and look flatter. I highly recommend this to anyone out there with those stubborn spots that you’d do anything to get rid of” – Samantha T.

“From the minute I walked in the door to the surgeries and follow-ups, Dr Cone and ALL of the staff was amazing. You can tell each is passionate about helping others” – Alissa J.

“Cool Sculpting is amazing. I had treatment to the underside of my jawline & I was skeptical. The results were unbelievable—minimal discomfort with Maximum Results.” – Mark L.


Whenever you need a little pampering, recreation, and a positive state of mind or perhaps you want vivid results for excessive hair growth, premature ageing or unpleasant lumpiness, our Mirabelle medical spa is the destination for you as we are ready to give you the best of these worlds.

By combining the ease and comfort of a clinical office with an extremely calm environment, Mirabelle Med spa’s services put you in the right state of mind to receive top-notch treatments and to address your most pressing health concerns.

Schedule your consultation with us today, and let our experienced technicians advise you on the right treatment options for your desired results.