3 Products to Help You Tackle Breakouts

Maskne (mask acne) is a result of clogged pores.

The cause is the accumulation of oil, dirt and not washing your mask enough or having your mask repeatedly rubbed against your skin.

Other reasons for Maskne could be your mask’s material or how often you have to keep it on. The pandemic’s stress could be a contributing factor to having Acne.

It is also possible to have Maskne if you use masks frequently and have acne-prone skin.

Since the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic, it has become imperative that we keep our masks on while in public.

While Acne can be painful to handle, it shouldn’t stop us from wearing our masks and ensuring safety precautions.

Masks keep moisture from emitting from your body into the atmosphere and possibly spreading Covid 19 or any other kind of illnesses.

And in this case, Maskne is caused when oil, dirt and sweat get trapped in your skin pores, creating a conducive environment for bacteria.

At what age is Acne the worst?

Acne affects all ages. However, it affects people between the ages of 12-24 the most. It usually begins at puberty, affecting females earlier than males.

Although most people outgrow Acne, about 3prcent of men and 10percent of women may still have Acne in their mid-years.

How to prevent Maskne

The first step to avoiding Maskne is to ensure you follow precautions to ensure that bacteria won’t thrive on your skin

Wash your masks

Disposable masks are a great choice, but they could put a strain on your pocket and budget. Therefore, you could consider using the re-usable one that you can wash after every use.

It has to be 100 per cent cotton texture so your skin can breathe and makes it easy to clean. It is essential to use gentle fragrance-free products to avoid reactions and possible breakouts.

Practice good skin hygiene

It is imperative to wash your face before and after you use a mask. You could also use a gentle face cleanser to remove the oil and dirt on the skin efficiently.

While you are cleansing the skin, avoid over-exfoliating as it will cause dryness and lead to more breakout.

Invest in mineral-based sunscreen

Sunscreen is essential whether you are outside or not, and to keep your skin safe while wearing a face mask, and you should go for sunscreen—a mineral sunscreen is gentler on the skin.

What clears breakouts fast?

Dealing with breakouts can be extremely stressful, and we have curated tips on how to clear it fast:

  • Get a gentle foamy cleanser
  • Wash your face regularly
  • Use good acne creams
  • Use pimple patch or spot treatment
  • Use sulfur masks
  • Use ice on the affected area

Best acne treatment for sensitive skin

Having to deal with Acne is already hard enough; having sensitive skin, too, may even be more problematic.

Dealing with redness, peeling, burning, stings, and general irritation is what you have to deal with having Acne on sensitive skin.

It is possible to get it treated fast and efficiently; you have to follow these steps:

  • Avoid harsh exfoliants and scrubs
  • Don’t Leave on Leave-on Treatments
  • Get professional help
  • Do Not Use Too Many Treatment Products at the same time.
  • Avoid makeup products.

Top 3 Acne Products

1. Take it off 150 mL

Price: $45.60

This product helps remove excess lipids without over-drying the skin. It contains Lactic and Salicylic acids to enhance exfoliation. This product is for patients with normal to oily skin.

How to use: Use as needed. Apply foam to your palm and gently rub it over your face. Rinse with warm water. Used according to directions, this item should last approximately 30-60 days.

You can shop for the cleanser here

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is it suitable for?

The take it off cleanser is ideal for normal, Acne-prone and oily skin.

How quickly will I see the results?

This product is made with quality products, and with consistent use, you will achieve desired results within a short time.

How does the take-it-off cleanser work?

This formula works to cleanse impurities, decongest pores and improve the circulation of the skin. It is not recommended for sensitive skin types as it could further irritate them.

How long does this product last?

Used according to directions, this item should last approximately 30-60 days.

2. Zit Happens- 60pads

Price: $60.80

A potent combination of ingredients that, when used regularly, can produce skin exfoliating and clarifying effects. It is used as an adjunct to acne-prone and oily skin therapy to improve large pores and smooth skin texture.

How to use: Use 1-2 times daily or as directed. Smooth pad over affected areas.

You can shop for it here

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this pad make acne heal more quickly?

While this product encourages the healing process, it heals pimple head quickly by reducing inflammation on newly formed zits.

3. Blushed

Price: $53.20

This product is an extra-gentle cleanser formulated for sensitive skin.  It contains soothing Evodiox™, derived from the Chinese Evodia rutaecarpa plant.

How to use: Use as needed. Apply foam to the palm and gently rub it over the face. Rinse with warm water.

You can shop for this extra gentle cleanser formula here

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if this product is right for me?

The extra-gentle cleanser formulated with natural ingredients is suitable for sensitive skin.

Is blushed well for dry skin?

This product is ideal for normal to dry skin.

How long does this product last on average?

Used according to directions, this item should last approximately 60-90 days.


Maskne involves acne breakouts resulting from wearing a face mask. Symptoms include skin irritation and bumps. As much as Maskne can be frustrating, it would be best if you still kept the mask on due to the pandemic.

However, using our products, moisturizing, face-washing, and wearing suitable masks will help avoid such problems. If your Maskne persists after trying these recommendations, be sure to follow up with your dermatologist.