Your nose is the most noticeable and dominant feature on your face. It is as essential as any other organ of the body. When you have nasal fractures, or maybe you feel your nose is too small or too wide, or probably there’s a shifting in the walls of your nasal cavity. This is a defect known as “Deviated Septum”, this can adversely affect your facial appearance or cause some other damages. As you may wish to call a rhinoplasty or nose job, it is a cosmetic surgical procedure that ensures the nose’s alteration and reconstruction. But before you decide to get your nose job done, you need to be informed.

What should I know before getting a nose job?

The decision to undergo a rhinoplasty surgery is not one to be taken with levity. Knowledge is power – so they say, and it is 100 percent the case when it comes to nose surgery. Therefore in this post, I’ve put together things you should know before getting a rhinoplasty.

Why do you want rhinoplasty in the first place?

The burning question that should be answered before deciding to get a nose job is,

“Why do I want a rhinoplasty?”

This is a big question as regards to making your decision. You should never be pushed into making your decision. Neither should you decide to get a nose job to please anyone. Make sure you’re doing it for yourself.

If your reason for getting a nose job is worth it, you can consider taking the procedure.

When should you undergo the procedure

While there is no specific age for rhinoplasty, you can only be a rhinoplasty candidate by the time you have developed both physically and in maturity. The ideal age for rhinoplasty is between 18 and 40.

Know the types of nose jobs

This might sound ridiculous, but it’s very essential to know the types of nose jobs so you can make your decision on what you want for yourself. There are two primary types of rhinoplasty surgery – they are open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty.

With open rhinoplasty, incisions are made in the narrow strip of the tissue that separates the nostrils. As with closed rhinoplasty, incisions are only made inside the nostrils.

Other known types of nose surgery include; reduction rhinoplasty – a term used in nose surgery when patients require adjustments to the nose to make it smaller or reduce a hump on the nose’s bridge. While the other one – revision rhinoplasty – is a secondary nose surgery to correct any issue from the initial procedure.

Nose jobs take time

Many people don’t understand that a nose job is not the kind of procedure you can have during your lunch break and then go back to work as nothing happened. You are actually going to need to take some time to heal. While everyone heals differently, it can take up to a year for your nose to fully recover.

You can ruin your rhinoplasty

After your surgery, you should strictly adhere to precautions to speed up your healing process. Any damage to your nose may definitely ruin your chances of successful rhinoplasty results.

The procedure differs

The expectations for the procedure differs from one patient to another. So, you should have no reason to compare someone else’s result to yours. At times, the full output of your nose surgery may not be visible for months.

As a matter of fact, you may not like your appearance immediately; you are most likely to see swellings and bruises first after your surgery, so be prepared for any imperfections that may arise due to the procedure.

Revisions may be needed

Even if you undergo surgery with a specialist and it went well, you may require revision surgery. At times, the healing process might not go as planned, and a slight defect would still be visible. You do not have to panic, as revision surgery will be needed to correct those defects.

Choose the right cosmetic surgeon

Rhinoplasty surgery is a complicated procedure to undergo.

And to be successful, you need to consult a skilled surgeon with impeccable skills and experience in this field to carry out the procedure. So, carry out enough research so you can choose the right surgeon for your procedure.

What should you avoid before rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a very delicate procedure. Doing something you are not supposed to do before and after the process can ruin the nose job’s full results. Do well to avoid these things before your rhinoplasty procedure:

  • Do not smoke
  • Do not take part in energetic activities
  • Avoid certain supplements and medications. (Consult your doctor on this)
  • Avoid anxiety
  • Do not apply facial attachments on the day of surgery.


Nose jobs are a complicated procedure to take. To undergo a smooth and successful surgery, an expertly skilled hand is required, one who specializes in cosmetic surgery. When it comes to nose surgery, the most important thing is to never be pressurized by anyone else – ensure you’re doing it for yourself.

Knowing the necessary things you should know before getting a nose job, do well to contact a specialist if you are considering rhinoplasty.