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A common question from many patients after undergoing a surgical procedure is when can I resume normal activity and also begin to exercise again?

As no two patients and surgical outcomes are alike, this timeline should be discussed fully with your doctor both before and after your procedure.

Regarding exercise following breast augmentation surgery though, here are some general guidelines:

Immediately after surgery: start taking slow, short walks to help circulation and prevent blood clots

Two weeks out: graduate to a more intense walk perhaps on a treadmill at a faster pace and tougher incline

One month out: resume your normal work out that was typical prior to surgery, except for heavy lifting and activities relying largely on chest muscles, like push ups

Six weeks out: return to full intensity exercise, including weight lifting, if you feel comfortable doing so

Speak with your board-certified plastic surgeon also about what type of sports bra or athletic garment will offer the most support and comfort when working out post-surgery.

It’s important also to listen to your own body and get back to exercising at whatever pace best suits you. If you feel any sharp pains in your chest area while working out in the months soon after your surgery, make sure to get checked out by your physician to ensure that the implants are still healthy and positioned correctly.

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(Courtesy of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons)

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