Young woman taking selfie with mobile phone in spa center

There’s yet another report in recent headlines about the effects of social media on plastic surgery. Not only are people driven to look like their favorite celebrities, but they are also wanting to look like their best, most “filtered” self.

According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 42 percent of plastic surgeons nationwide have reported patients seeking cosmetic procedures solely to enhance their appearance online.

With the vast number of filters, and Photoshop-type tools available, to alter your image, people can literally pick and choose how to play up their best features, as well as easily hide any flaws.

Want to erase fine lines and wrinkles? There’s a filter for that. Make your lips or lashes appear fuller? There’s one for that too.

Users are creating the perfect image of themselves online, with their best angles and features highlighted, then bringing a photo of that into doctors’ offices asking for it to be reproduced in the flesh.

Many of these things can be achieved via minor, non-invasive cosmetic procedures, such as Botox or other facial fillers, chemical peels, lip enhancement, and microneedling.

But the one facial feature doctors say is more complicated to adjust is the shape and appearance of the nose. Savvy social media users often sculpt a perfect nose image with tricky angling of their phones. In real life, a smaller, more slender nose, typically only results from a surgical procedure known as rhinoplasty.

Experts urge potential patients to always consult a board-certified plastic surgeon before any procedure and to really question why they want something done. A permanent physical change in appearance can affect many aspects of your life, beyond just social media.

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(Adapted from Fox News-Lifestyle)