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Selfies are playing an important role these days in a most unexpected way. A recent study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal explains how plastic surgeons are ‘prescribing’ selfies to help patients with their post-operative care following a cosmetic procedure.

Although the study was small, only 57 participants, 96 percent of that group who texted selfies to their surgeons in the days after their procedure reported a higher quality experience. With three of the patients, their providers were able to actually detect early complications from their surgeries which led to a swifter post-op treatment.

As most doctors will check in with patients via telephone several times during the days after a procedure, one doctor — who served as a lead author on the study–thought to ask patients to send selfies in just prior to his calls. This allowed him to see how something was healing and alert him to any severe swelling, bruising, or bleeding beyond what was typically expected.

This can be an especially helpful practice for patients who’ve had breast surgeries where the position of the nipple has been changed. If an alteration needs to be made, it’s imperative it be done quickly so that the blood supply to the nipple remains healthy.

Researchers stressed that a selfie should not take the place of an in-person exam with your doctor, especially if there are any suspected complications.

As with any cosmetic procedure, make sure that your doctor is a board-certified plastic surgeon. If you are interested in plastic surgery treatments in Austin, please contact Wellspring for an appointment with one of our three board-certified plastic surgeons.

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