Pucker up. If you’ve been considering lip enhancements, or injections, there is new research out from the JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) Network that claims to have figured out what the perfect proportions for top and lower lips should be.

While many women seek a plumped-up pair similar to celebrities like Angelina Jolie or Kylie Jenner, most, in fact, prefer a more natural look.  The study surveyed more than 570 people asking what their ideal lip measurements would look like in terms of overall surface area, ratio of upper lip to lower lip, and linear dimension of the lips relative to the lower portion of the face. Participants were shown digital images of lips and asked to rank their preferences.

Findings show that most prefer a ratio of 1:2 for upper to lower lip size. Also, the lower lip should make up roughly ten percent of the lower third of the face.

Overly plumped-up celeb pouts often feature more of a 1:1 upper to lower lip ratio.

As we age, the upper lip typically loses volume, prompting women to seek cosmetic treatment to restore or enhance what was once there. Most plastic surgeons advocate staying as close as possible to the 1:2 upper/lower proportion to avoid that overfilled upper lip effect.

Physicians also urge that each face should be treated as a unique canvas, reminding patients that what lip proportions work on one person may not work for another.

Lip enhancements are typically a simple, office procedure involving injectable fillers or an implant material. As with any cosmetic or plastic surgery treatment, make sure you are being cared for by a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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(Courtesy of Yahoo-Beauty & Health)

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