Bullying word cloud concept. Vector illustration

Bullying is an issue that is unfortunately ever-present in the lives of children and teens. With low self-esteem playing a large part in both those who have been bullied, and those who do the bullying (hence their need to pick on others), the desire to change one’s physical appearance is at an all-time high.

A new study from England published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery found that both bullying victims and the bullies themselves reported an “extreme desire” to have plastic surgery.

The study quizzed nearly 2,800 teens on tough topics such as emotional problems and body image. When the question about wanting to have plastic surgery was asked, eleven percent of kids bullied, and nine percent of those who admitted to bullying, expressed a strong interest in altering their physical appearance.

Girls were overall more apt to want plastic surgery than boys.

The amount of kids who felt they needed plastic surgery, traditionally sought after by just adults, was considered quite significant.

Bullying victims wanted to change their appearance in order to fit or blend in more. The bullies believed that plastic surgery would help them look better, stand out more, and gain a greater following or sense of admiration.

Nearly 16 million plastic surgery procedures were performed in 2015 and 2016, and approximately 230,000 were done on teenagers. Popular procedures among teens include rhinoplasty, breast augmentation or reduction, ear surgery, dermabrasion, and lip enhancement.

Experts encourage parents to have regular conversations with their children to check in about bullying and any self-esteem issues that they may be having. In many cases, there are ways to help improve self-esteem before turning to plastic surgery.

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(Courtesy of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons)