When you think of the typical Botox patient, you might envision an elegant socialite, looking to erase her crow’s feet and a few laugh lines. Less imaginable is a 20-something looking to smooth out their skin for the perfect selfie.

But that’s just what plastic surgeons are seeing more of these days.

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports a huge surge in millennials (those aged 19 to 34 years) wanting to add Botox to their regular skincare routine. The group found a 41 percent increase in Botox treatments administered for this age over just four years, from 2011-2015.

Some millennials claim it is just a preventative measure to combat costly wrinkles they would need to address later on, much like using sunscreen every day.

Still, there are others who venture that the rise in young Botox users is their desire to always look perfect on social media and in the constant stream of selfies. Appearance and image are increasingly everything to many members of this generation.

In addition to Botox, experts suggest that regular facials or peels, or anti-aging skin creams, can also go a long way in preventing wrinkles at this early stage in life.

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(Adapted from Today.com)