Wellspring’s Dr. Jeffrey Cone and the story of his inspirational patient, Qusay Hussein, were recently featured on KVUE-TV.

Qusay was nearly killed at the hands of a suicide bomber in Iraq when he was playing volleyball as a teen. He was one of 56 people wounded while 18 others lost their lives. Doctors left him for dead and he was virtually unrecognizable by his own father. The bombing blinded Qusay and left him severely disfigured.

After receiving help from American soldiers, Qusay went on to survive and has since endured 58 facial reconstruction surgeries to repair the damage and disfigurement.
Qusay on KVUE

He landed in Austin in 2012 and has been cared for by many doctors, including Dr. Cone.

Dr. Cone has performed surgeries to revise Qusay’s multiple scars and to create better functioning nostrils.  Dr. Cone is one of only a handful of surgeons in the Austin area qualified to conduct craniofacial reconstruction.

To learn more about Qusay’s story of survival and hope, watch the entire story here.

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