This April, our Doctors will be taking a trip.  No, not a vacation full of rest and relaxation.  They are going to volunteer their time and their expertise to help children in need in Haiti.  They are going as part of a LEAP Global Missions trip.  This amazing Dallas-based nonprofit organization, founded by our very own Dr. Craig Hobar, takes talented surgical teams of excellent medical volunteers to different places all around the world to perform procedures on children in need.  Dr. Jeffrey Cone and Dr. Claude-Jean Langevin will be traveling soon to perform free surgeries to the children of Haiti.  These children often have no medical access to correct issues like cleft lips and cleft palates.  That is when LEAP flies in to perform as many procedures as possible.  They have built strong relationships with the local hospital and doctors, ensuring the children receive sufficient follow-up care between LEAP visits.  Since 1991, LEAP has provided over 9,300 free surgeries to children representing 22 countries.  Our doctors look forward to every LEAP trip, meeting new patients, checking in on previous patients, and visiting with friends.

We are excited to be able to be a part of an organization that is dedicated to helping children all over the world, literally changing lives.  


Soon we will tell you all about the trip!

Thank you,

Your Friends at Wellspring Plastic Surgery

Dr. Cone preparing for surgery during a LEAP Global Missions trip

Dr. Cone preparing for surgery during a LEAP Global Missions trip